The following publications are available in Portuguese.

O Guião do Obreiro, Indice Topico das Escrituras,  por  Matsombe

Pastors’ Manual and Concise Topical concordance  by  Matsombe

A manual for local pastors to use in church services.
Included in this publication is a concise Topical Concordance.

A Mulher Escolhida de Dues, A esposa do Pastor,  por Yvonne Parker

God’s Chosen Woman, the Pastor’s Wife  by  Yvonne Parker

A veteran missionary’s wife gives advice to new Pastors’ wives to show them how they can support their husband in his ministry.

Catecismo Evangélico

Catechism, Evangelical

A simple yet concise evangelical catechism.

Conheça a Voz De Deus,  por  Xavier Simango

Voice of God  by  Xavier Simango

O Que os Jovens Cristãos Precisam de Saber,  por  Zacarias Muiambo

What young Christians should know  by  Zacarias Muiambo

A booklet to help to understand the ‘basics of the Christian faith’. 

Concordância Temática da Bíblia,  por  Doyle Gilliam

Topical Concordance of the Bible  by  Doyle Gilliam

A very valuable book of over 160 pages giving many thousands of Biblical references arranged under many topics and sub-topics.

Os deuses das Regioes Africanas,  por  Antonio Vasco Da Gama

‘Gods’ of the African Religions  by  Antonio Vasco Da Gama

This book exposes the dangers of ‘ancestral worship’, from an African perspective.

Registo da Minha Leitura da Biblia

Bible Reading Record

Record Your Bible readings with dates on this one folded sheet of ‘A4’ sized paper. 

Estudos para Classes Biblicas  por  George Goodman

Studies in Biblical Doctrine  by  George Goodman

A simple handbook on Biblical Doctrine listed under 30 topics, giving a brief statement of the doctrine, a Bible reading, an illustration and 7 points under each topic. 

Corus Evangélicos

Chorus book

A collection of 156 choruses in Portuguese with blank pages allowing for these choruses to be translated into other languages.