About us


Our vision is to provide relevant Biblically sound Christian books in the mother tongues to the people of Mozambique and to promote this material in it’s use of teaching the many untrained Pastors and Church Leaders in Mozambique, especially those in the rural areas.


We seek to manage the publication of good Christian books in the local languages of the people of Mozambique and to encourage the distribution so that the Church in Mozambique can use the books in the teaching of their people.


In respect of the provision of our books our values are to provide books that are:

  • Biblically sound
  • Relevant to the people in the target group
  • Available in their local language
  • Suitable to meet their needs
  • Inexpensive, but durable
  • Good quality, but not extravagant
  • Simple in their binding,

so that the local people can take over this whole process themselves.


We endeavour to:

  • Find mother tongue speakers who are dedicated in their desire to have good Christian literature in their local languages.
  • Give these translators the knowledge required to do the work.
  • Acquire and place necessary equipment in strategic locations.
  • Encourage and train potential authors in the art of writing.
  • Manage the publication of this material, through type setting, printing, book binding, distribution and marketing.
  • Make this material available without encouraging dependency.
  • Use this material to teach the Pastors and Church Leaders, especially those who are in the rural areas of Mozambique.

We also endeavour to partner with other Publishers and Organisations who have similar aims.    We do this by listing their publications in our Catalogue and then we provide a link to their webpage so that the necessary contact can be made.

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