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This ‘Literature Ministry’ called Mozambique School of the Bible is eager to include on its web page relevant information about material published by other organizations.
Many Churches and Missions have published Christian books for their own use but are prepared to share their material with others for the benefit of the Church in Mozambique. We are grateful to these Publishers and we do not want to intrude on to their publishing domain, however, we do want to ensure that those who can use their material effectively are informed about the availability of such material.  Please help us to do this.

Please use the links provided to enable you to contact the relative publisher directly.
You will need to negotiate with them directly regarding the purchase of any particular title or any special concessions requested.

Afrika wa Yesu:

Founders Rod & Ellie Hein, ministering in Mozambique since 1981, started Afrika wa Yesu Bible School under a tree in the remote Inhaminga region of central Mozambique. Their vision to reach Mozambique for Christ has grown phenomenally and continues to increase.

They now have two Spirit empowered Bible Schools in Inhaminga and Nacala, Inacalawhere they also have a Vocational Center for equipping and training men in basic work skills. Teaching and training Mozambican pastors and leaders to reach their own nation is a vital purpose of this ministry. Business Skills Training with carpentry is offered at this Nacala Vocational Training School.

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Bible Way:

Bible Way is a correspondence course for new believers, but can also be of benefit to others.  These are published by International Publication Services and have a range of topics and languages. including Portuguese, Tsonga/Shangaan and Shona.  Courses include Basic Bible teaching, Who is Jesus, God’s Wonderful Plan, Responsible Christian, and others.

Contact Mozambique School of the Bible for more information.

Iris Ministries:

Iris has over 35 bases in about 20 nations led by teams of missionaries and local leaders. There are networks of churches and church-based orphan care in all ten provinces in Mozambique in addition to bases in the main cities. In recent years they have concentrated on the Makua, a people group in the north who were listed by missiologists as nearly unreached. With tremendous help from missionaries and nationals, since 2002, over two thousand churches have been planted among these people.

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Nehemiah Bible Institute:

The Nehemiah Bible Institute (NBI) has a number of courses, all of which are available in English. Some courses are available in other languages of Mozambique, such as Portuguese and Tsonga. The first Program (series of courses) are arranged under the general heading of Church Leadership Development Program (CLDP) and this consists of 3 Modules with 5 courses in each module. The second Program are courses under the title Ministry Development Program (MDP). Again there are 3 Modules with 5 courses in each module. Books may be bought directly, or people may enroll as students of NBI. Please contact the NBI or Volta a Biblia in Mozambique for further details.

Click here for information on some of their publications.

Contact Details:
Tel: 021 – 864 8258

Partner in Mozambique is Volta a Biblia.
Contact Willem Nel at willemdnel@gmail.com or visit their website