Our visit to the Logos Hope in Maputo

The visit of the Operation Mobilisation (OM) Ship, the Logos Hope, to Maputo has come and gone. We were very pleased to be able to partner with them while they were in Maputo. It certainly gave us an opportunity to have our books exposed to many more people than what was normal for us. Thanks go to OM. The Logos Hope will be South African ports until the middle of July.

The ‘Topical Concordance’ and the book entitled, ‘God’s Chosen Woman, The Pastors Wife’ were the two books that moved the quickest, both in Portuguese and in Shangaan.Many copies of our other titles were also bought, which is very thrilling as those books will continue to speak long after the Ship has sailed away!

Maputo, in the most southern part of Mozambique, was the only port that the OM Ship could visit this time, so the books in the languages of the northern parts of Mozambique were not in demand and this we expected. This leaves us with the task of visiting those languages groups ourselves again in the future.

However the political climate in Mozambique is not very friendly at the moment,
so the long term planning of these trips is not easily carried out now.
Road traffic between Maputo and Beira has been by military convoy only. Even the presence of the army does not deter attacks on the innocent travellers. This was experienced by the OM Team while going to Maputo from the northern parts of the country. The convoy that they were in was attacked en route. The cars directly in front and behind theirs were both hit by gunshot with injuries to people, but praise the Lord that they were not injured and were able to complete the journey to Maputo for the visit to the Ship.

So please continue to lift Mozambique up to the Lord. It is a country which is still open to the gospel, but it is a country that needs a lot of teaching, because the Gospel was hindered by the civil war for so long, a war which again threatens to erupt.

Pray too for the books that have gone out, that the Holy Spirit would continue to teach the people through reading them.

Feel free to order any of the books that you may need.